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Consciousness of social responsibility
Today, at the point of living conditions, institutions have great responsibility for the protection of social welfare. Corporate awareness shown that the basic facts of life such as environmental, health, education, economy, plays a major role in improving social welfare.

Environmental Consciousness
Nursoy, has been diligently working on environmental issues. Works for hindering, waste, all the elements that can lead to physical or chemical pollution at the projects applied. With its wide green areas in the projects, Nursoy always try to create breathing spaces and believes that a clean environment is a must for healthy communities.

Awareness of Education
With the believe that for a healthy society education is the sine qua non and well-educated young people will create the communities, Nursoy contributes to the construction of schools and classrooms, as well as to support the young people to receive a good education. Since its foundation, Nursoy continues the social responsibility works and aims to continue increasing its activities in this area.